Culver City Terrace

Resident Owned Mobile Home Community

What we are

Culver City Terrace mobile home Park is an all-age gated community owned by the 118 families who live here. Each family owns and is responsible for its own home under a long-term lease. Each family owns a share in the non-profit, mutual-benefit corporation which owns the 5-acre park.

The corporation is self-governing, with a seven-member Board of Directors elected to do the corporation’s business. On-site management is supported by a respected management company with more than 30 parks under its wing.

Eighty-one of the 118 homes can only be sold to families of very-low, low or moderate income. Homes are only sold for primary residences. Rental or subleasing is prohibited.

Travel trailers, RV’s, Motor homes and used mobilehomes are not accepted. Since resident purchase of the park in 1990, older trailers have been replaced by manufactured homes, major upgrades have been made to the utilities, and all wiring is now underground. In recent years, security cameras have been added to the electronically controlled front gates and other areas in the park.

Culver City Terrace is convenient to banking, an elementary school and other services, within walking distance of grocery and other shopping, and a few blocks from a Culver City Bus transfer hub. Like all other mobilehome parks in California, it is under the supervision of the state’s Housing and Community Development department.


Making a dream come true:

For its first 40 years, Culver City Terrace was known as the Baldwin Hills Trailer Park and owned by Volkswagen of America. Residents had a year-to-year leases with a foreign car company and no assurance that the land wouldn’t be sold out from under them when that company decided to move its operations elsewhere.

Some far-seeing residents dreamed of controlling their own destinies. They convinced others to join with them to bid for the property when VW decided to sell it. A non-profit corporation was formed and funds were sought to purchase the park. The corporation received loans from the State of California, Bank of America, and Culver City Redevelopment Agency.

Because of the willingness of residents to take a risk, the corporation soon owned the property and each family received an equal share in the corporation. They celebrated becoming their own landlords at a June 12th, 1990 ceremony, attended by Culver City Officials.

Since then, what was a trailer park evolved into a mobile home community, proving that hard work, courage and indefatigable spirit can make a dream come true.

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  • Do you have any available space? No! All spaces are occupied by permanent homes.
  • Do you have any homes for rent?No! Rentals are prohibited.
  • How much is it to bring our RV? Trailers, RVs, motor homes, and used moblehomes are not accepted.
  • Does a purchaser buy the land? No, he or she leases the land.
  • How much for a mobilehome? Owners selling their homes decide the price of sale.
  • Is it a senior park? It is a family park.
  • Do you have a pool? No, we do not have a pool
  • Are all lots the same size? No they differ in size.
  • Are pets allowed? Yes, two indoor pets are allowed after obtaining management’s approval.
  • What are your hours of business?

    8:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Lunch Break

    1:00pm- 3:00pm



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